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Shoot in Raw

Shoot in RAW

“Shoot in RAW” refers to a type of image file format that captures all the data from a camera’s sensor without any processing or compression. Unlike JPEG, which is a compressed and processed image format, RAW files contain unprocessed data from the camera’s sensor, allowing for greater flexibility and control during post-processing.

When you shoot in RAW, you are essentially capturing more information and detail in the image, which gives you more flexibility to adjust the exposure, white balance, and other parameters during post-processing. This is particularly useful in situations where the lighting is challenging, or when you want to make significant adjustments to the image in post-production.

However, shooting in RAW also means that the resulting files are larger and require more storage space than JPEG files. Additionally, RAW files typically require more post-processing work than JPEG files to achieve the desired final image. Therefore, shooting in RAW is often preferred by professional photographers who require maximum control over their images and are willing to invest more time and effort into post-processing.